Trick or Treat!

If you’re like me, you remember the days when you dressed up in your favorite costume, armed with a pumpkin pail, and going merrily from home to home in your neighborhood heisting candy from the neighbors.

Maybe for some of you, that was your first experience with dynamic presentations!

Think about it.

You have to put on a great costume (my favorite was Captain America) and delight your “unsuspecting” audience so that they will give you a treat.  It’s all about presentation, right?

It’s still that way when you present in business.  I know you don’t need to don a Captain America costume, but you do need to be dynamic.  You do need to be different.  You do need to delight your audience.  Good presenting is all about what we learned as trick or treaters years ago…

Content is important…but the delivery is vital to the success of your presentation.

Happy Halloween!