Have you ever waited for something to get easier?

“I can’t wait until I can drive, then it will be easier.”

“When I move out of my parents house, then it will be easier.”

“When I’m out of college, then it will be easier.”

“When I get the promotion, then it will be easier.”

“Man, when the kids are out of college, then it will be easier.”

“Wow, when I get approved for that business loan, then it will be easier.”

“I can’t wait until I’m retired, then it will be easier.”

Kara Lawson has the same advice to you as she does her women’s basketball team at Duke University. It doesn’t get easier. It gets harder. You just have to handle “hard” better.

I ran across a 2-minute video of Coach Lawson addressing her team. As a coach, I was intrigued. While listening to it, I was mesmerized.

While Coach Lawson was addressing young women at a prestigious university, her message should resonate with all of us. If you’re like me and around or in the Back 9 of life, you’ve lived it, so we should know better!

Nothing gets “easier” in life.

It doesn’t matter how much education or money you have; nor does it matter how much you might prepare for “bad;” the reality is that life is a constant battle of dealing with hard things and to be truly resilient, we need to do what Coach Lawson exhorts – we need to handle hard better.

How do we do this?

First – embrace uncertainty. Understand from the outset that “hard” is going to happen. It might be a year or a minute away. Embrace the challenge.

Second – accept that “hard” makes “better.” Nothing that is worth is doesn’t come from “hard.” This includes every relationship, business success, and joy. Being a parent is hard. Really hard. And it’s been the most rewarding thing in my life. Starting a business is hard. Really hard. And I’d do it all over again.

Third – stay in the moment. Appreciate that “hard” is temporary. Know that how you handle hard now makes you better prepared for the next one. And the next one. And that those going through it with you will also be better for it.

We all need to be reminded of it. I needed to hear this message from her. Maybe you do, too. The next time you catch yourself starting to say, “when INSERT HERE happens, it will be easier…” STOP. And be content in the moment. That might be the very best way to handle hard better.

Keep chasing unleashed.

Watch Video of Kara Lawson Addressing Her Team

Quote of the Week:

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”

~ H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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