Occasionally, I offer opportunities for guests to contribute an article to my blog. This is such an occasion. My guest today is Jonathan Roehm. Jonathan is an expert in web design and works almost primarily with consultants on creating their web sites. He is a member in my consulting community and is a really bright and creative guy. I’m happy to offer this article to you. If you have questions, contact Jonathan.

Your website and online presence is your ambassador. Buyers are constantly vetting you. They may have received your name from a trusted colleague, or attended / hosted a workshop or keynote. Ultimately, your buyers must implicitly trust you, immediately understand your unique nuance and value, and believe, without a doubt, that they will be transformed by working together. All of this happens in 30 seconds or less — and 90% of the time it happens on the homepage of your website.

Is your website, homepage, and online presence inspiring your buyer to do business with you? Do you pass the 30 second “must do business” challenge? We see consultant websites as destination websites. Specifically, buyers coming to your website are vetting you to ensure there’s an identifiable match for their needs; they are not serendipitously finding you on Google.

After years of working with consultants like you, we know that your economic buyers care most about five interconnected things:

1)    Everything they’ve seen and heard from you or about you is true and easily verifiable.

2)    They can quickly distinguish your unique expertise and personality (they are hiring you!) from other consultants in your arena.

3)    You’re exceptionally qualified to aid their organization and improve their condition.

4)    You generate verifiable results that align with their needs.

5)    Your past and current clients are of relative caliber and quality as their organization.

All of this should be accomplished in rapid succession, ideally as inspired “ah ha” moments for your buyers. They are hiring you, and that process is every bit as ego driven as it is intellectual. We help you strut your person, testimonials, client results, value proposition and more with gusto. Learn more at www.heatbrain.com


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