I woke up this morning on Day 2 of a cold that I seemed to catch somewhere between San Francisco and Seattle. As I slowly woke up with two dogs laying next to me (Barb was long gone to work), I read my email and checked some news on my iPhone. I was struck by the photos of the victims and missing from the Oso, WA tragic mud slide of last weekend. I know that area well, as it’s on the way to my old hometown and where my in-laws reside. I never knew what kind of danger lurked in that peaceful place. As I pondered the loss, devastation, and frailty of life, I turned to get out of bed and looked outside. My house has a greenbelt behind it and so my view is a landscape of trees and blue sky. Today, there was a visitor.

This beautiful azure jay was sitting on a limb just outside my window. He seemed close enough to touch! I know it’s not a “blue jay,” but I can’t remember it’s species. I see them out and around and I’ve collectively dubbed him Blue. Original, huh?

The timing of this sighting was providential. I was about to rise and start the day in a bad mood – sick with a cold, and sad from the tragedy. Blue changed that with just one look. I was happy he stuck around long enough for me to snap his photo. Fortunately, Captain Jack was still snoring and wasn’t chasing him away. I thought if Blue could lift my spirits, maybe he could add to your day, too…






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