“Even if you choose to not decide, you still have made a choice.”

  • That great Canadian philosopher, Neal Peart (as vocalized by his mate, Geddy Lee)

The term “choice” get a lot of airtime in our culture. It has been used and weaponized in politics, sports, entertainment, business, and our daily lives.

We all want more choices, better choices, and to make our own choice.

I find in my work with risk and resilience management, choices are being made constantly. That includes what the legendary band from Canada, Rush sang in their song Freewill. Choices are decisions made and not made, either through lacking information, paralysis, or simple apathy.

Here are some examples I’ve seen in my professional life that have been clearly “choices:” to choose to not purchase important insurances like life, cyber, and disability; to choose to not invest in training, resources, or equipment; and to choose to not hire people to fill critical roles either internally or externally. In many of these cases, the consequences have been financial calamity, disgruntled employees, workplace injuries, and wasted time.

You also get those choices not made that are less obvious. I’ve been guilty of making “choices” through being forgetful. That’s a consequence of poor calendaring, or choosing to not make the situation or activity a higher priority.

We’ve probably all chosen not to decide through being overwhelmed with information and wish that someone else would make the decision!

We are confronted daily with choices, ranging from very small to significant and sometimes life-changing.

I think we all – me included – get caught up in the stream of thinking that delaying making decisions – or even choosing not to decide – is as strong a decision that we can make.

Some decisions will be to not do something, but that should always be based on information, expertise, and confidence. The decisions we punt on or try to delay are decisions in and of themselves and don’t always serve us best.

The best way to control our pwn path is business and life is to become a confident, quick, and committed decision-maker. And that will give s freewill…”

Quote of the Week:

“All the world’s indeed a stage, and we are merely players; performers and portrayers. Each another’s audience outside the gilded cage.”

~ Neal Peart/Geddy Lee, Rush (Limelight)

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