Anna Liotta

If you have employees or even manage people in the workplace, then this is a call you need to be on!

Join me and my guest, nationally renowned generations expert Anna Liotta, for a free 60-minute teleconference on “Managing, Motivating, and Marketing in a Multi-Generational Workplace.”

Anna Liotta is an award-winning speaker, consultant, and author in the area of generations in the workplace. I will be interviewing her on issues and challenges related to managing and motivating your multi-generational insurance agency or company. Today, there are 4 different generations in the workplace. Each one is motivated by different things and you need to know how to reach them. Anna will help you create an environment to attract, retain, and manage the four generations you find in your business.

The teleconference is part of my Hard Core Insurance Pros teleconference series. The call on Monday is FREE.  The audio recording will be available after the event for $19.95. All members of my Hard Core Insurance Pros membership program will get the recording at no cost as part of membership. This membership program has a one-tie, lifetime membership fee of only $295. To learn more about what you get, click here.

To register and save your place for Monday’s teleconference, simply click here and you will receive information on how to call in and join the event.

Please note – even though this is a series out of my Hard Core Insurance Pros series, specifically this topic is perfect for any employer, manager, or Human Resources director. I encourage you to participate this Monday. I promise a high ROI!

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