I’ve got a special deal on one of my most popular programs to help you finish 2011 strong and be geared up for 2012…

Being underinsured or improperly insured on your business can have devastating effects on your cash flow and your ability to survive a crisis.  Most small business owners overlook this critical part of their business process. Yes, you may have a fine agent, but how often have you tested their work to make sure it is right for you? Too often, you don’t spend enough time talking with your agent and that leads to gaps in protection and overpaying for your insurance.

For the past 6 years, I’ve performed insurance diagnostic assessments for my clients. Basically, I become an unbiased set of professional eyes to make sure you are protected as you think you should be. Here are the results you realize…

  • Reduced total cost of insurance (In English, you save money)
  • Improved financial protection (In English, you’re covered for more stuff)
  • Enhanced ability to lead and respond to crisis (In English, you’ll be able to stay in business because you knew what to do when a disaster strikes)
  • Check your agents work. (That’s a bilingual translation – both Insurance and English)
  • Peace of mind (maybe the most important)

Here’s what you receive…

  1. I will provide a complete review of your insurance policies to identify gaps in coverage and places you can save money.
  2. You receive a comprehensive (yet painless to read) report providing you recommendations, suggestions, and guidance on how to fix your problem areas.
  3. You receive 2 weeks of unlimited e-mail access to me to help you with questions that come up after the report and on implementation of recommendations.

Note: Over the past 6 years, I’ve uncovered an average of 3 “gaps” in protection and a 10% savings per assessment. These aren’t guaranteed. Sometimes I’ve found less and sometimes more. That’s why it’s average! That being said, I have never walked away without finding at least one gap in protection or suggestion to save money!

My normal fee for this service is $1,500 for a business insurance diagnostic. I know we are still in a challenging economic period, so here is my holiday gift yo you… (read closely as dates of when you do this save you money)

  • Starting today through Friday, your investment is only $500 for a business assessment and $750 for a combined business and personal insurance assessment.
  • If you wait until next week, the investment goes up to $750 and $1,000 respectively.
  • If you wait until after Christmas, your investment goes up to $1,000 and $1,250 respectively.
  • After January 1st, we are back to our regularly scheduled programming.
  • Between now and January 1st, any personal insurance diagnostic assessment only is $350.

The investment is based on when I receive payment (I accept checks and all major business credit cards). You can start the assessment whenever you want, however I recommend as soon as possible so you can make plans for the new year. I turn around the report to you within 48 hours.

Don’t chance your business continuation. Call me today to get set up for your insurance diagnostic. This offer may well never happen again. Invest in your business’s future and get an assessment on your insurance to protect your life’s work.

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