Dan_Weedin_022I’m normally very healthy, but the last nearly two weeks I’ve been dealing with a “good” case on bronchitis. Not sure I recall ever having it but I promise you I don’t want it again! While I’m well on the way to a full recovery, my recovery corridor has included working through travel, my Mastermind Group retreat, and babysitting my beautiful granddaughters! While not at 100%, you grind through it, right?
The immune system is the the body’s defense system. The stronger it is, the less you get sick and the faster you recover. I know this sounds like an oversimplification, but it works for now. I’ve worked hard to build my immune system. Although not foolproof, I know it allows me to recover quickly.
Your company has an immune system that does the same thing for it. The stronger your immune system, the more prevention, protection, and recovery your company will feel. Just like our body’s immune system, it’s not foolproof. Bad things happen and some can’t be prevented. However, that recovery corridor is strong.
The recovery corridor is that period of time where your company goes from full steam ahead to calamity to recovered. A strong immune system accelerates that recovery time, saving your company a whole bunch of valuable time and money.
One more thought. I’ve had help along the road in my recovery corridor. My doctor, chiropractor, pharmacy, and family have contributed. In business, you need the same help from people like insurance partners, CPA, legal, consultants, and employees.
How strong is your business’s immune system? Your assignment is to do a quality check on it. By committing to creating a strong immune system for your business, you will prevent loss, mitigate what you can’t control, accelerate what recovery corridor, and protect your profitability and bottom line.
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“There’s a difference between a philosophy and a bumper sticker.”
~ Charles M. Schultz
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