Dan Weedin Unleashed-40Tomorrow is Election Day in the Unites States. Actually, with early voting and mail-only balloting as here in Washington state, Election Day is merely the culmination of what is becoming the longest reality show in our history. Social media is awash with self-proclaimed pundits and cognoscenti proliferating everyone’s timelines with their op-eds and responses to others. I have seen people that I believe to be otherwise kind, castigate other friends as “gullible” and devoid of basic intelligence. The “media” that many bemoan as stilted is really just a reflection of us and what we demand from it.

So either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will rise from the stench of the last 18 months and take the reigns of the country. At least they won’t be anticipating the secession of states immediately upon election as Abraham Lincoln did (South Carolina led the secession parade just over a month after Lincoln was elected as they promised). Both appear to make better “candidates” than they do presidents. I guess we will soon find out…

The reality is that one will take the role of commander-in-chief of this country. In most years, about 50% of us will be unhappy; polls this year indicate even more. Regardless, that victor doesn’t really have any control over your life or destiny. You do. You are the boss of yourself.

You control your attitude, your disciplines, your confidence, your faith, and your influence on others. Your destiny and the impact you have on others is solely in your hands. You can choose to have a victim mentality or an “unleashed” one. You can choose to listen to others complain and join them, or you can regale in the opportunities that are before you each day. You have the power to denigrate and tear down others; or to support, encourage, and help improve their condition. That choice is yours and you get to cast your vote on it each day. And unlike using a secrecy envelope,  your vote will be evident to everyone.

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Quote of the Week:

“Freedom is nothing more than a chance to be better.”

~ Albert Camus (French philosopher)

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