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You don’t need to be a sports fan to comprehend to concept of an “end zone.”
In a football game, the offense has a game plan derived to score a touchdown based on the distance to the end zone. Likewise, the defense has a game plan to avoid calamity and defend (and protect) it’s end zone.
When I coached high school basketball, every play we practiced was designed to score a basket. Throughout the game, we made changes to our overall game plan on both scoring and defending (protecting) based on the ever-changing situation in the game.
Your business, your career, and your life deserve the same strategic planning, and it always starts with identifying and knowing your “end zones.”
Business owners, what’s your end zone? Will you leave vertically (selling your business) or horizontally (keeping it until death to you part)? How you draw up a succession plan for your family and legacy? What opportunities will present themselves and are you prepared to take advantage when they do? Conversely, do you have a contingency plan to deal with your own ever-changing realities?
Professionals, you may not own a business but you do have a career. What’s your end zone look like? How do you want to exit your current situation, and what will you do when that occurs? What are your contingencies to protect your lifestyle?
In my video, I detail one offensive and defensive principle that I use personally in my own professional/personal game plan. You see, the two are intertwined. When creating a game plan that has an end zone to reach and a plan to overcome obstacles, you must include all aspects of your life – professional and personal.
Consider this as part of your assignment (the rest is in the short video – about three and a half minutes); you have greater control than you might think. Control what you can and be disciplined. You all have the ability to be wildly successful (even more than you already are), and it’s not merely talent but discipline that will assure it.
What will you do today to better understand your “end zone?”
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