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At this past week’s Unleashed® Summit, I spoke to the participants about my time coaching high school basketball. They heard me recount the time I was in a seminar with two Hall of Fame coaches, Lute Olson from Arizona and Jim Calhoun from Connecticut.

I recall Coach Calhoun espousing that he should be able to walk into any practice of the year and know what a coach valued. For example, if they most valued rebounding, every drill would have a rebounding component to it.

My message to the group – and to you – is that I should be able to do the same in your business. Would I be able to tell what you value as an organization? Is your culture evident?

Here’s the deal…I’m probably not walking into your business this week but your employees and clients will. What will they see?

There are three important areas you can immediately focus on to pressure test your culture. The first is communication. Are your employees able to effectively communicate with each other to promote high performance and efficiency? Additionally. are your clients and customers communicated in a way that that extends your value proposition and message (not to mention welcoming and service)?

Second, are employees and clients treated with the proper respect? I was recently at a café and trying to purchase a coffee. The employees behind the counter barely noticed me and when they did, appeared to be disinterested in talking my money. I know this has happened to all of us as clients or customers. What message of respect is this sending?

Finally, Have you identified your value proposition? What do you do to improve your client’s condition? As importantly, how do you improve the condition of your employees? What do you improve, increase, accelerate, and/or reduce?

In order to be a great basketball team, the coach must identify and commit to a value. In order to have a great organization, one must do the same. What will you do today to improve your culture?

Be Unleashed!

Quote of the Day:

“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.”
~ Lyndon B. Johnson

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