I recently took a lesson from my golf coach. I knew I had some mechanical issues in my swing that was causing great inconsistency in my results. I’d gotten to a point that I’d done my own self-examination and uncovered gobs of “problems.”

My next step – which is a malady of all of us amateur duffers – was to do an immediate “fix” on the next swing. The results became even worse.

Thus, it led me to take my own business advice and reach out to my coach to get “fixed” faster!

The end of the story was that Eric did give me advice and mechanical adjustments that have helped me greatly. That’s not the important outcome for this missive. We STARTED not with my golf swing, but with my head.

We began with mindset. And this is important to you!

Eric reminded me that it’s okay to get upset over a poor shot; in fact it’s human.

Step One: He gave me permission to demonstrate my distaste for the shot and then get over it quickly. Not as easy as it sounds. It takes discipline – how I define mental toughness – to do this. You must pivot mindset fast.

Step Two: Don’t try to fix the bad shot because I have really had no idea what happened. Rather, focus on what I do know; how to make a good swing.

Step Three: Trust your swing based on the positive imagery of what that good swing looks like.

Let’s transition to business and life…

“Bad shots” in both business and life happen. Sometimes they are our faults and sometimes they are not. We need to follow the same three-step process.

Step One: Be mentally tough. Be disciplined in extracting bad mental self talk. Do whatever you can to bury the bad vibes.

Step Two: Focus on the positive; on what you know works in decision-making, process, and actions. Be present; in the moment. Block out distractions and bad vibes. You know what works.

Step Three: Trust your “swing.” You’re successful because you’ve made good decisions. You’re smart, innovative, creative, and bold. If you don’t think these things about yourself, then that’s a different conversation.

I was asked recently by a new client to talk explain my decision-making process. Even though I struggled with this in my golf game, it’s what I do in business and life. Be mentally disciplined and tough. Consider all important cost-benefit issues as part of the process of your “swing.”

Then be bold and trust yourself.

Quote of the Day:

One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit the present.”

~ Golda Meir

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