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Last week, I was talking with my good friend Jim about celebrating the holidays with his grandchildren. Jim was regaling about the fun he had with playing with Matchbox and Hot Wheels toy cars with the kids…something we both did in our youth. I have to admit, I was a little jealous. Last summer, I uncovered a whole bunch of my old Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars while cleaning out the basement. It was like the best archeological find I could imagine! I might need to dig those out again and head over to Jim’s house to play…

We just finished one year, and are now about to shed the holiday festivities and get busy in the next one. Just like looking back on the fun of your youth is good, so is looking back at all you did well in 2014. Too many of us look back and think we need to “fix” things with resolutions (which rarely last past next weekend). Take some time to look back and determine what you did well; what worked; what excited you; and what you’d love to repeat. Look, if it’s broken then fix it; but if it’s great then rinse and repeat. My guess is that many of you had terrific years both professionally and personally. Instead of dwelling on weaknesses and shortcomings, how about enhancing your strengths and making those extend for more than just a year? Success breeds success…build your momentum.

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 This week’s quote –
“Every man has a sane spot somewhere.”

 ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

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