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Time Keeps on Ticking 

Ticking, ticking..into the future.

With all due respect to Steve Miller and his band, his lyrics from “Fly Like an Eagle” are spot on. This Sunday, Barb and I went to watch the Champions Tour professional golf tournament near Seattle. We sat in the bleachers all day and I watched men that are my contemporaries in age play the game I had witnessed them play for about 30 years. I remember when the Champions Tour was called the Seniors Tour because all the golfers were ancient. They were over 50 years old, for goodness sakes!

On the ride home, I had a little mid-life crisis pity party. I couldn’t believe these “old guys” out there were just a little older than me. Then it dawned on me. These guys are just hitting their stride. They are athletes that played world class golf on a very challenging course. They hit the ball far, were accurate, and looked like they could go 3 rounds with any middleweight. In short, a lot of gas left in those tanks!

Age is a matter of perspective. It’s all in your attitude and the confidence and passion you bring to the table. We all have our moments of doubt, but they need to be that. Just moments. Great things are accomplished daily by people of all ages. “Old” or “young,” you just have to have the wisdom to grab those moments and hit them straight down the fairway.

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This week’s quote –
“And all your money, won’t another minute buy…”
– Lyrics – Dust in the Wind – Kansas


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