This past weekend, a chunk of a Chinese rocket came catapulting out of the sky and crashed into the Indian Ocean.

I’m sure that made a substantial splash.

While the Chinese government states that most of the unmanned rocket burned up in re-entry, I’m guessing that what splashed down was not insignificant.

That being said, while this event did make the news, it feels like the current state of Harry and Meghan and the future of the Great Britain monarchy still makes bigger waves in the news.

Much of what captures the title “newsworthy” is bad or ominous news. And this isn’t new news! I remember when Don Henley topped the pop music charts with a satirical song in the 1980s titled, “Dirty Laundry.”

Even business news can get caught up in a “sky is falling” mentality. While there is always reason to predict and warn about information that can cause calamity and concern (see cyber crime and chaos as an example), there is also reason to provide a more positive spin on opportunity.

Whatever your business is, you have the opportunity to provide solutions to problems. Don’t simply point to the negative, but bring value by offering real solutions.

Entrepreneurs and enterprise have always been built on risk. Good risk. If business thought leaders focused solely on what was about to drop from the sky, we’d be languishing in fear rather than relishing in innovation and prosperity.

While bad things do happen, and there is always a concern to know the truth, it’s also safe to say that more often than not the rocket is going to fall harmlessly into the ocean instead of a city.

That by guile, tenacity, and an endless amount of confidence, we can still find ways to focus on the opportunity. And if by chance, the sky is falling on a city full of people, we will know how to stop it.

Quote of the Week:

“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.”

~ Lyndon B. Johnson

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