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Being in business is a daily mental challenge. Heck, life is a daily mental challenge. How we deal with and respond to that mental side means everything when it comes to our businesses, careers, and lives.
October is Mental Health Awareness Month. While I’m not a therapist or counselor, I’ve been an entrepreneur or business professional for my entire career. The mental side of our business can become challenging as we deal with adversity, other humans we disagree with, and calamity we had no control over. That mental wear and tear over years can take a toll. They will keep any of us from being “unleashed.” In today’s missive, I’d like to share three concepts with you that I hope you can immediately implement for your best mental health today and moving forward.
First, you must identify when there is a challenge. Most of us who own businesses and/or are reliant on ourselves for our income, often eschew admitting when we need help. It’s easy to proverbially “rub dirt on the injury” and carry on. It’s almost become the way we define our resilience. The problem is that too much of this can become overwhelming and lead to a myriad of problems. This first step is being vulnerable and confident enough to identify these challenges.
Second, ask for help. There are many professionals in the mental health industry that one can lean on. Additionally, there are also colleagues and peers that can provide support. It takes someone with great confidence and self-awareness to ask for help. I don’t believe we can be successful on our own; and that includes taking care of ourselves in our won heads! Ask for help well before you need it. In fact, make it a part of your business and personal life.
Third, focus on what you can control. So much of life is outside of our control. We can only take charge of how we react, what we think, and our attitude. There’s plenty of research to show that good mental health and a positive attitude go hand in hand. It’s easy to say’ harder to accomplish. That’s why we all need the first two steps! By focusing on your response and thinking – things you an control – you will avoid the chaos and crisis that comes from being overcome by the things you can’t control.
The world we live in is demanding, fast-paced, and volatile. By being able to slow things down in your own world, you’ll be armed and ready to take on anything both mentally and emotionally. And that’s a good thing for you, your business, and your life.
Be Unleashed!
Quote of the Day:
“Greatness is a road leading towards the unknown.”
~ Charles de Gaulle
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