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I turn 48 years old today. I can’t believe I’m saying that. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I believed that anyone over 40 was old and 50 was ancient. Of course, that was before cell phones, Internet, and digital music. I think I was still spinning KISS on my record player, listening to Beth and Detroit Rock City on the flip side.

It dawned on me that what I believe is “old” today will soon be me in just a few years. So it goes as you continue to age. Based on where I am today, I think it’s fair to say I am now on the “flip side” of my life. That’s okay. I really liked Detroit Rock City, too.

Marshall Goldsmith exhorts a concept called “Feed Forward.” What this technique does is put an emphasis on looking to what you will do to change behaviors, rather than where you failed in the past (feedback). I think it’s good to look at our “flip side” that way. Instead of looking at my past successes, failures, and all the things in between those two words, I will plan on looking forward to what I plan on accomplishing in the future. Examples include running a minimum of a mile every day (minimum of 10 miles/week) for 800 days starting today (luckily I have an accountability partner joining me); traveling to Bogota, Colombia again and this time taking my family with me; getting my book published; and helping improve the lives and condition of countless people and organizations.

What do you want to do in 2013 and beyond? After you answer that question, the next step is the hardest. What are you going to do every day to move towards doing them? New Year’s Resolutions often fail not because the goal was unworthy or the desire disingenuous. They fail because there was no real plan on succeeding. My challenge to you for next year is to set BIG goals and take that next step and plan BIG on how to reach them. As Seahawks rookie QB sensation Russell Wilson recently proclaimed, “The preparation determines the separation.” In non-football speak, the preparation will lead to success. Prepare to succeed not only this year, but on the flip side of your career and your life as well.

Thank you for your continued interest in my work. I always enjoy hearing from you. Here’s hoping you slide in ahead of the tag in 2013! Happy New Year!

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This week’s quote –
“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?”
 ~Satchel Paige

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