Dan Weedin Unleashed-40This Week’s Focus Point: The Cloak of Invisibility

Hello, this is Captain Jack. I’m the charming, witty, and highly brilliant pal of my human. Dan is out golfing with his old high school pals – and boy do they look old! He asked me to fill in. I’m sending you this excerpt from Chapter 1 our new book, Unleashed Leadership. If you think Dan writes well, you ain’t read nothing yet!

I love watching television. Barb and Dan seem to find it remarkable that my attention can be so focused on a TV program. I don’t know why. If they can focus, I can probably do it even better. I’m a dog, after all.

We just got done binge watching all eight movies of the Harry Potter series. Kelli came home after college, and they’re her favorite movies. Since Dan and Barb hadn’t seen all of them, she convinced them it would be a fun family activity. Of course, I joined in on the watching. I was most impressed with the whole “cloak of invisibility” thing. You know the cool cloak that, when Harry hides under it, keeps him invisible? Imagine what I could do with that!

I know humans that put up a similar thing called “an invisible fence.” The invisible fence is like the cloak concept. It hides the fence; except in this case, there is no fence! At least Harry Potter is underneath the cloak! Dan is smart enough to know I won’t fall for that trick. Some dogs don’t see it, but they’ve been trained by their humans through a form of “shock and pain therapy” to avoid going through the gate. If I had a few minutes with those dogs, I would teach them how to break free.

It’s only a small amount of pain. You take off running hard at your destination, understand that you will get a quick blast of pain, but then you’re free! Once you’re “unleashed,” you can move on and explore your options and gain new adventures and experiences.

Here is what some humans do: they act like those other dogs behind invisible fences. They think the hurt is fatal. They avoid taking that big run to their dreams. They stay in their yards doing whatever it is that they are doing and then get bored. If they only knew that great adventures and experiences are out on the horizon and that the little pain is part of that, they would do what I do.

Be like me. Know that in life you might have to take a little pain to get the results you want. “No pain, no gain” is what I’ve heard humans say about exercise. It’s probably truer about life.
Just saying. . . .
Captain Jack
Quote of the Week:

“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.”

~ Robert Heinlein, writer
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