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Yesterday, I spent a beautiful day with family and friends. I enjoyed a fabulous ride on a ferry in to Seattle. I attended the Seahawks game on a crisp, clear late November day in the city. And I capped it off being with my family on a lazy Sunday evening being able to sleep securely and well-fed in my heated home.

This is more normal for me than not, and in fact, the security, food, roof over my head, and money in the bank is a fact of life for me. It’s not the case for many others, even in my community.

This week, I want to accomplish 2 things on my Extra Points

First – to thank all of you for being dutiful readers. I’m blessed to have a great life filled with family, friends, clients, and community. You are a part of that and I offer my sincere gratitude.

Second – to ask that you all remember those around you that are in need. Tonight, my family will deliver two food baskets to our church for those in need. One is from Barb and me, and the other is being offered by my daughters. I am proud of their contribution to those who need help. I hope we can all find just a small way to help others this week.

I wish each and every one of you a joyous and grace-filled Thanksgiving with family and friends.

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Weedin Unleashed ~ No broadcast this week. Stay tuned for the following week as we make the mad dash to sprint to the end of 2014!

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