Dan Weedin Unleashed-40I’d like to take this opportunity at the end of the calendar year to sincerely thank all of you for your interest in my work, and for being a regular reader of my missives. I appreciate all the notes and comments that are sent. It’s always nice to know someone is reading!

My all-time favorite movie (regardless of the genre) is Frank Capra’s classic, It’s a Wonderful Life, starring James Stewart as George Bailey. I’m always deeply touched, no matter how many times I see it, because I know I’ve been blessed with a wonderful life. I plan on unleashing every minute of it, and hope the same for you.

On behalf of my wife Barb and my canine companions Captain Jack and Bella, we wish you a very happy holiday season and best wishes for a joyous and prosperous new year. Here’s hoping you slide in ahead of the tag in 2017!

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