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I remember being asked as an audience member by a speaker at a President-Elect training for Rotary, “If your club could only have 25 members, would you be one of them?” This was a poignant inquiry as my club has over 130 members. This theory is that not everyone puts in the same effort for the club…if you had to choose the top ones, would you be in the “team picture?”

I’ve been fortunate enough to be in many team pictures throughout my life, most notably as part of sports teams in school and as a coach afterwards. I’ve also posed along co-workers in the past for “team pictures” as part of marketing and branding efforts. My current team picture is now visible to your right. I am lucky Captain Jack has allowed me in…

What about you? Do you belong in your “team picture?” While you may be working at a job, are you maximizing your skills and talents for the betterment of your company and your customers? Are you making good decisions with your time or squandering it at the expense of your employer? Are you viewed as a rock star or just a “roadie” by your team?

Now it gets hard. How about you employers and executives? You may be the boss, but do you belong in your own team photo? Are you providing a healthy and rewarding place of employment for your team? Do offer guidance or cause grief? Is your team happier when you are in the office or out of the office? Have you lost touch touch, or do you have the pulse of your organization?

Okay…one more. For those of you with families – are you giving your best effort to them by being in the moment; carving out both quantity and quality of time; and bringing joy with your presence?

Hey, we are all part of a team somewhere. Do you deserve a spot in your team picture?

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