This week’s focus point… 

Success Not Perfection.     

My car is in the garage.

One of my summer objectives was to get the car in the garage. It became a necessity as my mother’s mobility has diminished and as the weather gets worse, it’s important. I had made strides in cleaning out the garage, but since the weather was perfect, I knew it was “go time.” In 2 hours, I was able to clean out and re-organize to the point that the car first perfectly and in a spot that is easy for my mother to get in. The garage is not perfectly clean, but success was achieved.

Life and business are about success, not perfection.

How often do you see that someone is not willing to take a next step because everything isn’t just right? It’s not perfect. They don’t want to put something out there or take a risk because conditions aren’t exactly right. How often do you do that?

There is never a perfect time. Not taking that risk may be worse than waiting for that ideal time because you’ve lost opportunity or never do it. In the end, you really just need success. That’s what business and life are all about.

This week’s quote – “When you are 80% sure, go for it. The last 20% is dysfunctional. You were going to do it anyway, but lost valuable time in waiting,”
~Alan Weiss

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