Sniffing Around.

Jack in chair

Dogs sniff everything. Often multiple times to make sure. It often drives me crazy when I take the dogs out at night in between commercials, hoping for a quick turnaround. Bella especially has to find just the right spot.

As is often the case, dogs probably have it right. They understand their surroundings. They have a clear picture of who has been where; how long ago they were there, and what they did. They are poised to and prepared for that rabbit, squirrel, or snake to pop out of nowhere.

How well do you understand your surroundings? When you walk into a prospective client’s office for the first time, are you walking in blind or do you know something about them? When you have to have a tough conversation with an employee, have you thought it through in your head before you start talking? At a ballgame, do you shout out an expletive-laced tirade before realizing how you are affecting others near you? The bottom line is that we don’t do as good a job as dogs in understanding our surroundings and being prepared for the unknown or the consequences of getting it wrong.

Perhaps we should do a better job of sniffing around before we start barking!

This week’s quote – “Go back a little to leap further.”

– John Clarke

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