I took off for my regular Saturday morning run about 6:45 am. It was a grey but bright, June morning; cool and perfect running weather. As I was about halfway through my run (at the farthest point away from home with a huge hill in between), it started sprinkling. No big deal; it wasn’t cold and I am always prepared for a little rain. Heck, I live in the Puget Sound area, so I’d better expect a little precipitation once in awhile if I choose to run outside.
Then it started to get harder. As I was returning on the path home, I knew that the drops were about to come harder and faster. They did. I picked up my pace a little bit and “powered through” the journey. While I may have been wet, I was happy to finish the workout.
This is a great analogy for our businesses. As entrepreneurs who started our own businesses from scratch, we all probably started out in good “weather.” It may not be totally sunny, but it was good. At some point in the business “run,” we will hit some rain drops. Small adversities. And then – without much more warning – the big downpour will hit us. It won’t take any of us too much effort to find one just this year, right? COVID-19 has been a torrential rain, and regardless of any phasing back to business that any of us might be in, we are still running through it.
The key is mindset…
It’s rarely a case that we can simply stop where we are. I guess I could have tried to find a place to hunker down and wait out the rain, but clearly I’d still be waiting there as I’m typing this out! No, we all need to find a way to peer through with a mindset of rising to the challenge; of accepting the adversity as a competition (my split pace was the best in a long time!) and of finishing strong. 
I’m sorry to tell you this, but it’s not the last downpour you will face in your business “run.” Heck, it might not be the last one for this year or this month. But, if you take the approach of powering through, accepting the challenge, and knowing that the obstacle is actually the way, then you may be a little wet after the run, but you will ultimately reap the rewards of a successful run. 
Be unleashed and be well.
Quote of the Day:
“Never deprive someone of hope; it might be all they have.”
~ H. Jackson Browne, Jr. (20th Century American author)
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