Dan_Weedin_022If you spend any amount of time on social media, you will likely have read many of the same things I have: “Don’t panic; It’s mainstream media fearmongering; it’s just the flu; we are over-reacting; I don’t know anyone that has it; where is the toilet paper?”
Here is what we know based on science and facts: The Coronavirus pandemic is a global crisis. Because of the way it’s spread, the exponential spread could be catastrophic. The best way to slow the virus is through social distancing. And while healthy people may not get sick, lack of social distancing could effect the ones they love or others they bumped into at the market who are at risk. This is real; it’s serious; and it already has had massive repercussions in business of all sizes.
Read this science-based, no political agenda article. Educate through science.
But it’s not time to panic. It’s time to have resolve.
While there will always be a percentage of people that either don’t believe, don’t care, or prefer to remain oblivious, you have the chance to be a hero. We need boots on the ground people at every level to show resolve and leadership. And I can’t think of a better group of people to do that than entrepreneurs and professional business people. Like every one of you reading this.
So let’s cut to the chase since we don’t have time to waste…
Having resolve means understanding the obstacle and respecting its power. It means choosing to find ways to innovate and create for the betterment of all. It means caring about others that could get caught in the crossfire and showing empathy to those that are fearful and need support. It means being willing to listen to those that are smarter than us to combat a silent and invisible foe. And in this case, we as a world are all on the same team.
How do we show resolve? By dealing with it one thing at a time. The first step is to deal with this week. My recommendation to all CEOs, business owners, and leaders is this: Take the time to educate yourself on this foe. Create a game plan for your employees and clients for this next week. What can you do to keep them safer, provide valuable service to your customers, and keep revenues coming in?
To that end, I’m offering several resources that are all either free or dramatically discounted. We can no longer prevent the crisis, and we aren’t going to be in recovery mode for the foreseeable future. Resolve begins now by making decisions that will impact you, your company, your people, and your loved ones. I want to help.
I have a FREE Zoom videocast today at 10 am PT for business owners. We will discuss the issue at hand, what to do today, and how to create a plan for the next three months and beyond. It’s free. All you have to do is REGISTER.
Beginning today at 9:00 am PT, I will be doing a  daily Facebook Live chat. This will be a brief update on things you should know that are happening with COVID-19, and ideas for you to grow and safeguard your assets during a crisis. It’s free. All you have to do is LIKE my Facebook page and tune into “Videos” on the page at 9 am or watch it later.
I have started a COVID-19 Hotline for CEOs and and business owners and leaders. This will provide fast access to me by either email or phone to answer questions, get advice, get a second opinion, or even just to vent! This means you don’t have to do this alone. I have 30+ years of expertise on this. I can help you. This program is reduced by as much as 75% of what a normal investment would be. To learn more, CLICK HERE.
I have a COVID-19 Unleashed® Response and Recovery Plan for CEOs. It’s a written plan with next steps that includes access to me for six months. If you don’t have a specific plan in place, then we will have one for you quickly so you can better respond to your employees, clients, customers, supply chain, and community. I’m offering this at a reduced starting investment with deferred payment options. Email or call me (+1-360-271-1592) to learn more.
It’s game time, my friends. As I’ve been writing for the past three weeks (which now seems like a year ago), this is the real thing, although even back then I didn’t understand how much. Let’s all work together, take care of each other, fight this together with educated decisions and actions, and assure that our businesses come out strong on the other end of it.
Let’s show resolve.
Be unleashed.
Quote of the Day:
“In the end, it will be impossible to know if we overreacted or did too much, but it will be QUITE apparent if we under reacted or did too little.”
~ West Grand Superintendent (Washington State) Darrin Peppard
P.S. I don’t know this gentleman, but I saw this attributed to him on Twitter, researched it, and saw it was his statement. It’s brilliant. I’m glad he’s a leader in one of the school districts in my state.
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