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Captain Jack

Captain Jack

Poop Happens…   

On Saturday night, my wife Barb and I were at our city’s annual summer street dance. It’s a fantastic event that finds people of all ages sharing a terrific experience. When you have 6-year olds dancing to Eric Clapton and 60-year olds dancing to Lady Gaga, you know you have a winning event!

One of the guys in front of me had a t-shirt that caught my attention. There was a picture of a large dog leaving a “package.” The top said “Poop happens…” The bottom said, “Pick it up and move on with your life.” I think I’m going to find that t-shirt.

Too many of us hold on to the bad things that happen to us, our mistakes, failures, and undoings. These events end up renting space in our brains and eventually lead to what my mentor Alan Weiss calls, a “victim mentality.” For all of us, poop happens. It may not be fair; it may not be your fault; and you may have been wronged. But it happened and it’s time to pick up the remnants, toss them in the trash, and get on with your life. Those that can’t end up living lives filled with regret, bitterness, and sadness. Those that do probably end up picking up and tossing out a lot of poop, yet have a blast along the way.

My advice to you…carry a few poop bags with you and be ready for what life throws at you. You will need to get on with your life no matter what happens!

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This week’s quote –
“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.”
– Groucho Marx

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