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It’s been a rough couple of weeks for my high school alma mater. Earlier this month, a lady who graduated 10 years before me (and whom I did not know), died tragically near Seattle when someone going over 100 MPH the wrong way hit her head on. The son of my 6th grade teacher and first basketball coach was killed in Alaska. Then in back to back days last week, we lost classmates who I went to school with going all the way back to grade school. Then on Friday, this state lost two coaching legends (Marv Harshman and Frosty Westering) on the same day hours apart.
This memo isn’t about regrets or tears. It’s about understanding that we don’t have limitless days in front of us. None of us knows when those days will end, but we do know they don’t last forever.
I think there is nothing more sobering than wasted opportunity. In many cases, we know it right at the moment it happens. With life, we don’t. It’s easy to get thinking that tomorrow will always come and “someday” will always come. For my classmates, “someday” is over.
You and I are here today. This may be something you’ve heard before, but if you’re like me, it’s easy to overlook. Don’t waste days. Don’t waste opportunities. Don’t stay mad. Don’t be negative.
Instead, spend time with your family and friends; create new memories; attack every day like it’s a new adventure; and keep a smile on your face. If you’re reading this, you are as fortunate as I am because we have been blessed. Take advantage of each day and run the race with great passion and enthusiasm.

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This week’s quote –
“Make the big time where you are.”
–  Frosty Westering, former head football coach at Pacific Lutheran University


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