14_02_DanCapJackRetouch_001This week’s focus point…Persistence

This past weekend, it was just the dogs and me as it was the annual “girls weekend” for Barb and her sisters and mother. Our daughters got to join in the fun, which left me to get some work done around the house before the winter sets in. As I was trying to get my self-imposed “chores” done on Saturday before the football game, Captain Jack decided it was the right time to make a nuisance out of himself. I’d stacked several blankets and cushions on a rocking chair in the living room. Jack decided that these would be ideal to sleep on.

I watched as he would bite the middle blanket and slowly pull them off on to a big pile on the floor. Once there, he would begin the nesting process, which involves precision digging and pawing until they are just right for his midday nap. I proceeded to inform him that this wasn’t acceptable, picked them all up and put them neatly back on the rocking chair with an admonition to not repeat the action. You are about to clearly see who is the smarter of the two of us. He did it again. The second time, I was a little sterner (like he cared) and put them back on the chair with a similar warning. Five minutes later, he did it again. I gave up. At least he was quiet so I could finish my work!

Captain Jack is persistent to the point of near exhaustion. He knows what he wants; he knows how to get it; and he won’t be deterred in his pursuit of it. In his mind, he can outlast me. And he’s right!

What about you? Are you as persistent in reaching your desired goals and outcomes? Do you become too easily dissuaded and quit when obstacles emerge? My experience is that we humans all too often give up too early due to a multitude of factors, including fear, lack of discipline, and lack of trust in our own abilities. I’d encourage you to take a page out of the Captain Jack guide to getting what you want. Keep pulling down those blankets…you will end up sleeping much better satisfied in your achievements!

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