Paying attention. 
Kelli and Dan
My daughter Kelli was on campus walking to her second class of the day. A beautiful day at Robert Morris University found her texting furiously. Head down…focused on her phone.
Kelli walks right into bike rack attached to a car in the parking lot. Fat lip and bloody mouth walking into class. You can’t make this stuff up.
How often are you working head down and focused only on what is in front of you? What periphery things are important (like a bike rack sticking out in the air) and that you need to address? Are you spending your career and life texting away and about to walk off the proverbial cliff?
In my experience, we as human beings obsess on today and what’s in front of us only. While being disciplined and focused is not a bad thing, not living in the moment and being unaware of your surroundings is.
Take a lesson from Kelli. As you walk along life’s journey (both personal and professional because you really only have one life), keep your head up so you can watch out for danger, know in which direction you are heading, and enjoy the walk.
This week’s quote – “Enjoy this day. It is all we can do. We can’t change yesterday and worrying about tomorrow steals today.”
~I don’t know. Barb found it and didn’t remember. That has never stopped me, so here it is!
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