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I am writing this missive Sunday night shortly after hearing of the death of a college buddy from a heart attack. For those of you who are familiar with my work, I tend to write this weekly blurb often at the spur of the moment and about something that has caught my attention. Today, I am using it to write about a friend and to remind us all of something very important…

Chris Welp is the all-time leading scorer for the University of Washington men’s basketball program. He played a few years in the NBA and in Europe until his knees could no longer go. He was also a guy who couldn’t stand straight up and down in my basement apartment when we were in college because he was 7’1” tall and my ceiling was somewhere south of that. I remember watching him show me how is pet boa constrictor devoured mice. Barb wasn’t so keen on that. I remember walking around Costco with him and he drew a crowd wherever he went. He was a great big guy with an equally sized heart and smile. He will be missed.

I last saw Chris 4 years ago when he was being honored by his high school by being inducted in their Hall of Fame. Fate had me now living near where he attended high school and won a state championship. We talked and laughed and shared memories together. I remember clearly making sure we had each others cell phone and address information correct, as we were going to make sure we saw each other more frequently. As I look at his contact info on my phone now, I sadly admit we never did. Life gets “in the way…”

Here’s the deal and our reminder for the week. We only come around this way once. We are here for a short time and have no idea when or how it comes to an end. While I’m sad that we didn’t spend more time together, I’m thrilled to have played a very small part in Chris’s life. Take a look at your day today, this week, and into the future. Live without burden, live without fear, and live loving those around you. You only come around this way once…make sure you leave a mark.

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This week’s quote –

Never interrupt someone doing what you said couldn’t be done.

~ Amelia Earhart
Rest in peace, my friend. Go Dawgs…

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