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No Straight Lines

The past 8 weeks for me have been a blur. In that time, I’ve been to San Francisco; Bogotá, Colombia; Portland, OR; Billings, MT; Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and the metropolis known as Hurricane, WV.

After all of that, I returned home and found it difficult to get back into the “swing of things.” I was tired mentally and physically. I had follow ups to complete and commitments to keep. And sometimes I could even get a little grumpy. Go figure…

There are no straight lines to your “desired state.” No matter what your goals and direction to that desired state you defined at some point, things happen. I call it gravitational pull. Gravitational pull is all those speed bumps that not only slow you down, but try to pull you back down to that default position that you didn’t want to stay at. It’s rebounding from those speed bumps to get back on track and avoid any further pull that make us truly successful.

How do you do it? First, you recognize it’s happening. Seems simple, but it’s the most important and hardest part. Second, you get help. Use your coach or mentor; your spouse or significant other; or whatever source of inspiration that guides you. You can’t be brilliant by yourself. Third, you acknowledge that you’re human, that this stuff will happen, and get back to business.

Bottom line…you take the time you need to refresh your mind, body, and spirit as quickly as possible and get back to a positive mindset that leads you back up, not down. There is no straight line to success, but it is about trend. Trend the right way…

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This week’s quote – 

“All progress is experimental.

~ John Jay Chapman

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