No Panic


I would make a lousy National Football League coach.

Watching my team, the Seattle Seahawks, fall behind 14-0 in a playoff game against the Washington Redskins had me fit to be tied. They were playing awful and the entire momentum and outlook was gloomy. The players and coaches were getting a blistering tongue-lashing from 3,000 miles through the television. I’m sure my ire as a coach would have looked like sheer panic to my players. Luckily for everyone involved in Seahawks Nation, I am NOT the coach!

The coaches and players never panicked. They came back to score the next 24 points and win fairly easily to advance in the playoffs. No panic. Just doing your job confidently one play at a time until the mission was completed. Teams that panic try to hard and fail. Teams that don’t panic, stay in the moment and at least give themselves a fighting chance.

We often panic in life and business. Ever catch yourself panicking in the middle of a conversation? In the midst of a business deal going south? When time, money, and opportunity seem to be fading fast? What do you do? Try to hard and fail, or stay calm?

All of us have probably succumbed to panic at times. It’s part of being human and learning. The key is to learn how to stay calm in crisis and chaos. How do you do that?

The most important factor is self-confidence. That innate knowledge that you are good enough to overcome adversity. The abiding belief in yourself that you will win. The ability to slow things down in your mind and be focused. Finally, the understanding that in most cases, “this too shall pass” and you will survive and prosper no matter what happens in the moment. On the football field, those who don’t panic generally win. The same holds true in life and business. Go forth and never panic again!

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This week’s quote –

“Tough times never last. Tough people always do.”

 ~An untold number of people have quoted this. I saw in on a movie the other day and thought it appropriate…


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