Dan Weedin Unleashed-40This week’s focus point…No Finish Line

I was wrong.

Well..sort of. I’ve written before about finishing strong and how it’s not how you start but how you finish. Sound familiar? Many of these posts and articles have come as we inch towards a new year, so you may recognize them from recent writings.

While the concept of running through the finish line is a sound one (you know the whole “winning by a nose” thing), I think there is actually a bigger and better concept to consider. The fact that there is no finish line at all.

Finish lines imply the end of the race. While a 100-meter dash has a tangible conclusion, your business, your career, and your life don’t. (Yes, I know we are not immortal and will eventually die. However, let’s focus on the actual living part for this missive) We have many “starts and stops” in our lives; many can actually occur regularly within the course of even one day! The truth is that if we just stop after running hard through one finish line, then we may just miss an all-important “next race.”

There is no finish line. Your career and life are a series of races run not only simultaneously but also concurrently. This means you have to be an “athlete.” That requires agility, nimbleness, concentration, desire, focus, persistence, strength, flexibility, and power.

This is Monday. You start at least one new race as soon as you are done reading. Run hard and fast and with purpose; and then gear up becasue the next race will be ahead of you. You may not know what it looks like yet, so be ready. You never know when it might be your most important.

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