My wife is my hero.

Yesterday at church, we were parked next to a man and his wife who are struggling physically. She has been battling multiple sclerosis for years, and he is now fighting cancer. As I was getting my mother in the car, we exchanged pleasantries. Barb then came around the corner and asked how he was. His response was, “This is a bad day. The chemo is really kicking my butt.” (The fact that he had gotten out of bed, loaded his wife and her wheelchair in their van, and made it through Mass is a testament of faith and fortitude for him!)

Barb asked, “Is there anything we can do?” He responded somewhat forlornly…”No…thanks.” The Barb did what I and many often don’t do. She asked one more question. “Can we help you by bringing dinner once in awhile? Would that help?” The man very humbly said, “Yes. That would be a big help for my wife. That would be nice.” So off Barb went getting all the particulars on moving forward. That’s only one of the reasons she is my hero.

It did make me think. How often in both personal and professional opportunities, would one more question be crucial? When I’m interviewing a potential new consulting or coaching client, that extra question may lead to finding their true need. When helping a client in a project, asking that one extra question may be the difference in a job well done or not done. When working with an employees, that one extra question could be the difference in resolving conflict, soothing anxiety, or keeping a good employee. The key is staying in the moment. By listening, being present, and reading others, you are better able to determine what that next question should be, plus have the courage to ask it.

This week’s quote –Let him who would be moved to convince others, be first moved to convince himself” ~ Thomas Carlyle

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