We as humans tend to want to prove something. Anything.

We might wish to prove our value as spouses, parents, and friends. We almost certainly aim to prove our ability as business professionals. If you own your own business, you may even feel like your success also defines you as a person.

I fear we spend too much time trying to prove ourselves to others. Equally concerning, I fear we spend EVEN MORE time trying to prove ourselves to ourselves!

In both business and in life, this is precarious. Rather than expending energy in trying to prove ourselves, especially after we probably have, we should focus on figuring out how much there still is to accomplish.

Looking into the past is great for historians and those who truly want to learn lessons from it (both good and bad). We should use the past in decision-making and reflection, however our focus must always remain on how much we have to accomplish. Regardless of our age or situation, there is always more to do.

While we may have the opportunity for many businesses, many adventures, many opportunities, and many feats; we only get one life to do them in. What are we waiting for?

Coming off a year that saw a terrible loss of life due to an unforeseen pandemic, it’s a great time to take stock of what you still want to accomplish. It might be part legacy, part lifestyle. For certain, in order to continue to accomplish, it starts with mindset. The next phase is self-talk. And the final critical piece is action.

So let’s assume all of you reading this missive have proven something of great value and worth; let’s all keep building on that “proof” and boldly seek out much, much more.

Quote of the Week:

“Fortune favors the prepared mind.”

~ Louis Pasteur

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