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Three years ago today, my dad slipped into a coma. We as a family were there with him and knew the end was coming soon. There was grief, anxiety, stress…all of those things that come watching a loved one pass. After several hours, the tension was lifted when an aid worker named Sarah came in with green, mint ice cream (St. Patrick’s Day, of course). We all relished the respite with the treat. In fact, I added to it by spilling some on the floor and almost stepping in it. As my foot was about to come down on the green glob, my wife, daughter Mindy, and sister all screamed at me, “STOP,” as if I was in a no-fly zone over the White House. We all laughed. My wife Barb, while holding Dad’s hand said, “Dad, you should have seen your son. He almost stepped on ice cream.”

Like Lazarus rising from the dead, Dad (who was in a deep coma for hours) sat bolt upright, opened his eyes, and exclaimed, “Did someone say ice cream?” Talk about 3 seconds of stunned silence. I said, “Yeah, Dad. Do you want some?” His pithy response…”Certainly!”Sarah came back with a cup of  ice cream for him. Barb spoon fed him and he just devoured it. As all good mother’s do, Barb reminded him, “Dad, what do you say to Sarah for bringing you the ice cream?” Dad looked right at her, with a steely-eyed determination and a bit of ice cream still on his chin and blurted out, “MORE!”

That turned out to be his final meal, which made sense since it was his favorite food. But Dad offers us a stark reminder about life while we are still in the thick of it. What MORE is left out there waiting for you to experience; to enjoy; to be challenged with; and to offer to others?  Shouldn’t we be reaching for that extra helping of our own ice cream now before its too late? My invitation to you on this personal anniversary of mine is to ask for MORE today and every day so that when your time eventually comes, you will be full.

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This week’s quote –

“A word to the wise ain’t necessary. It’s the stupid ones that need the advice.

~ Bill Cosby

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