Making an Impression.
On Saturday, my fellow school board members and I interviewed six semi-finalists for our Superintendent position. This is basically the CEO of our $60M organization. As you can imagine, all six candidates spent the hour doing their best to effectively answer our questions with personality, knowledge, and style. This was their first opportunity to make a personal impression on us. The three finalists get another shot to make an impression next week.

In business, we get plenty of opportunities to make impressions. Yes, we only get one “first” impression, but that rarely is the only one you get to make. Are you paying attention to your “impressions?”

You get to make impressions on personal meetings, lunch and dinner dates, networking events, and social media platforms. You need to be aware of your manners, your grammar, your language, your appearance, and your body language. You never know who is watching and evaluating you. My applicants on Saturday knew for that one hour period who was watching. Now, as the process continues for three of them, the view will be broadened. You need to always be aware. If you make sure you’re consistent, honest, and genuine all the time, it makes it that much easier. Because in the end, business and personal relationships are built on trust. Make all your “impressions” trustworthy!

This week’s quote – “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.” Zig Ziglar


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