it_s_a_wonderful_life_-_no_man_is_a_failure_that_has_friendsThis Week’s Focus Point: It’s A Wonderful Life

My favorite movie. Period.

Something about James Stewart’s portrayal of George Bailey in Frank Capra’s classic Christmas movie touches my heart and spirit every year. Obviously, I’m not the only one as it has become a bedrock of watched Christmas movies, even though it was considered a box office flop back in 1946.

Here’s the thing for me…the poignant part for me is how fragile life really is. I wonder how each one of us, if we actually got the gift George Bailey received, would look at our lives differently. So many humans get wrapped up in “what ifs” and “Shoulda, coulda, woulda” statements of regrets. We all just simply don’t know how our life would change if even one of those things happened. Barb and I were talking about this recently when we were visiting the Santa Train near the city we once lived. Had we not taken a bold and risky move to buy a franchise opportunity in 1993, we may have never left that city. If that had happened, our lives would be so different. One daughter would never have met my son-in-law and given us the beautiful granddaughter we have. Our youngest daughter wouldn’t be thriving in the corporate position she holds today. The friends we’ve made, the positions we’ve held, and the experiences we’ve had would all be gone and replaced by something else. While the “something else” may not have been bad, we wouldn’t trade any of what we have now for all the money in the world. You might say the same thing.

As we close in on the end of another calendar year, it’s always good to remember what kind of a life we’ve actually had. When Lou Gehrig exclaimed to a packed Yankee Stadium over 70 years ago that he was the “luckiest man on the face of the earth,” I have no doubt he meant it. That’s because when I echo those statements today, I truly believe that it’s been a wonderful life for me. And I can’t wait to see how the saga continues…

What about you?

Quote of the Week:

“No man is a failure that has friends.”

~ Clarence Oddbody (George Bailey’s Guardian Angel)

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