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Barb and I were in Colombia for two weeks and during our stay in the beautiful city of Paipa, we found ourselves in need of bathing suits. You see, Paipa is the home of unique hot springs and mineral waters, and they have a pool there for your relaxation and enjoyment of the agua caliente. We didn’t bring our own because the weather looked to be cold and rainy. I learned that agua caliente trumps cold and rainy.

Our guide was our former Rotary exchange student from Paipa. Tati took us to the epicenter of water wear in the town, which may have taken up about 150 square feet in total. I asked to look at the sizes L and XL, as I’ve always had to buy larger in South America. Wanting to be sure, I asked to be shown to the changing room. It turned out the lady only needed to point. The changing “room” was in the corner of the petite shop behind a green curtain. Once behind this shield, I realized that in standing straight up and down, both shoulders could touch either side of the curtain. Simply moving my feet would create a draft I wasn’t prepared for. At this point, I looked down at the XL, pulled them apart with a good tug and said, “these will work.” I left my slightly cramped quarters still intact and willing to take the risk…

How often do you find yourself in a “tight spot;” with little room to move, nowhere to sit, and cogitating anxiously on the predicament while the walls close in? Rather, quickly assess your situation; find the simplest solution; make a decision; and take the risk. Don’t waste valuable time standing behind a curtain wondering what to do next. Just give the problem a little “tug” and do the best you can. Like the size of may bathing suit, it normally fits just right!

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This week’s quote –

Always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.

~ P.J. O’ Roarke

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