Dan Weedin Unleashed-40Growing up, I was a huge Pete Rose fan. In fact, I even tried (unsuccessfully) to mimic his unconventional and awkward stance. I know Pete bet on baseball; of that I have no doubt. However, I’m guessing he always bet on himself and he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. But, I digress…

I was sent a video of Pete talking batting swings with other FOX Baseball analysts Frank (The Big Hurt) Thomas and Alex Rodriguez. He had them both mesmerized by his simple yet powerful strategies and tactics around doing the hardest thing in sports…hitting a baseball.

Rose had six basic changes he would make when in a batting slump. All of them focused on where he would stand in the batters box (up or back/side to side). He said he never changed his swing because that swing had gotten him to the big leagues. The changes he made were based on what pitchers were throwing him. He’d adjust his position in the batters box, but never his swing.

Here’s a swing tip for you…

You’ve had success in your career; of that I don’t doubt. However too many of you are trying to change the wrong things when you hit a “slump.” Rather, you should simplify your process. For example, I’ve heard a lot lately from clients that want to enhance their life balance and find more time for themselves and their family. Great. That doesn’t take a complete overhaul of how you work (your swing). Instead, focus on simple adjustments in your “batters box” – delegate work you don’t have to do; say NO to projects/tasks that you don’t want to do or aren’t priorities; schedule in discretionary time and hold it sacrosanct; cut down on water cooler conversations and social media surfing; and (here’s the most important one) STOP feeling guilty for doing any or all of these!

Life will throw you a bunch of curve balls. If you haven’t shown an aptitude for adjusting to and hitting them, you’ll find they keep coming and ruin your “batting average.” Don’t over think this. Make simple adjustments, commit to them, stay vigilant, and find a way to get more hits.

I’m betting on you…

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Quote of the Week:

“I don’t think knowing what’s the right thing to do ever gives anybody too much trouble.  It’s doing the right thing that seems to give people trouble.” 

~ President Harry S. Truman

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