This week’s focus point –

Own Your Brain.

Recently, my family has had a challenge with one of our professional service providers. The conflict has caused us to end the relationship. This is never a fun thing, however sometimes necessary. Often, problems come after the fact…in your own brain!

Any conflict can grow it’s own life within your mind. You can stew, sweat, relive, stress, and cogitate over the entire issue. That person who has caused you grief can continue to live in your brain with your permission. And, the rent is steep! By allowing that issue to live on, you don’t get to focus on things you want and need to focus on.

The solution? Simple. Get over it! Do what you have to do to get it out of your system quickly. Yell, scream, gird your loins, vent to a friend, whatever. Once you’ve done that get on with your life. Your brain, your mental health, and your quality of life will thank you.

This week’s quote – “When you allow bitterness to stay in your heart, you allow that person to rent your brain”
– Author unknown

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