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I admit it….for most of my life I’ve not guarded my time well. I’m not necessarily talking about what might be considered “time management.” I’m speaking more about events, commitments, and people that you choose to make part of your life. If you’re not careful, bad decisions left unaltered can rob you of valuable time that could be allocated to your business and your life. It’s something I now work hard to improve in myself.

Do a quick assessment ~ Have you recently or in the past accepted a position, took on a responsibility, or committed your time to something that you either weren’t passionate about or knew you didn’t have time for (and were unable to say NO)? Have you stayed too long in something that you didn’t enjoy, or had to deal with negative or even noxious people? If we are all honest, the answer is YES.

True wealth is discretionary time. You have more control than you think. If you are choosing to invest that valuable time in projects, people, or commitments, then set metrics for a successful investment. You’d better make sure you are passionate about it; it is personally or professionally rewarding; and you are having fun. Fiercely guarding your time means that you don’t allow yourself to be spread too thin to the detriment of things you value as more important. Focus on what improves you and improves others. You need both.

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 This week’s quote –

 Lost time is never found again.”

~ Benjamin Franklin

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