This week’s focus point…Do You Believe in Magic?Capt Jack and Dan

Last Friday, I took my adult daughters to the Father-Daughter banquet at the Washington Athletic Club, of where I am a member. While there is a small mix of age ranges (the oldest father-daughter pair have come to 54 straight years!), the majority of the young ladies were, well pretty young. Mindy, Kelli and I had the good fortune of sharing a libation prior to dinner when something really cool happened. Robert showed up…

Robert is a magician that has a prodigious talent for magic tricks with playing cards. He showed up at our table first to show us his trickery. Soon, a crowd gathered. Let’s just say that Robert is GOOD! One of the best I’ve ever seen, in fact. While Kelli wanted really wanted to know how he did it, I was pretty happy just being awed. All three of us (and the entire room) were mesmerized by his skill and artistry for slight of hand, humor, and…magic.

Do you make magic in your career or business? Do you kindle curiosity, awe, and excitement to your customers and clients with your service and products? If not, you’re missing the boat. Robert owned the room. In fact, I picked up one of his business cards (well…his name written on the Ace of Spades). His ability to engage an audience and then follow through with exceptional skill proved to be successful for him. If you’re not owning your own room and creating interest and following through, you might as well be the a magician without a deck of cards to play with. Take a cue from Robert by becoming an object of interest and then delivering with flair and style. That will keep your audience coming back for more.

Do you believe in magic?

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