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We all have a message to tell in our businesses. That message is disseminated out in an effort to target current and potential clients and customers (there is a difference). How do you know you’re getting the most bang for your buck?

I’m a visual learner. Given a choice, I will invest in learning by watching a video. In the last week, I’ve done this to learn a new recipe and cooking preparation, to watch the news in order to stay current in world and local events, and to improve my golf swing. I also am aware that many other humans like to learn in different ways. It’s inherent for my business to touch them all in a manner that they understand my brand and my services.

Are you doing the same?

Visual learners prefer to learn by watching. That’s why I now have Extra Points on video (see above). I post them on You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, and now Instagram. I also have a new course on LinkedIn Learning (my third) which you can check out below. Do you utilize video to expand your message to visual learners?

Auditory learners prefer listening. I have a podcast (with an accompanying video – see how this works?) for people that like listening while they commute. In the golden age of radio, commercials needed to be powerful in order to create curiosity. Some people still need that, even though television and social media is tilted to visual.

Kinesthetic learners are tactile; they like to touch things. These people might still like to hold a brochure or fill out a questionnaire with an actual pen or pencil. That’s why I still have assessments that require someone to fill in the blanks.

Regardless of your business, you have a message to share. If you’re in sales (and truly we all are to some level), it’s incumbent on you to be creative. Find different ways to advance and expand your voice and message; thus ultimately your brand. Your assignment this week is to see if your marketing and sales process has any gaps that need to be filled.

Final note: Lack of steady business and revenue is a crisis. If you want to avert that in your business, be strong in marketing. This concept will help you. Contact me if you’d like to learn how I help my clients accomplish this. Be unleashed.

Quote of the Day:

“A somebody was once a nobody who wanted to and did.”

~ John Burroughs (19th century American author)

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