Are you ready for more disruption?

If you’re not, it might be considered negligent to your business, your employees, and yourself (including your loved ones).

Why do I say that?


Because we should know what disruption is ahead of us.

Statistics don’t lie and the data is clearly showing that COVID cases and deaths are on the rise around the country. In fact, new highs are being recorded almost daily. What that means is that what we all were scared out of our minds about in March, April, and May is coming back with more intensity. And the consequence should be clear to us….more disruption is on the way.

Unlike eight months ago, we know what to expect at the worst. The potential for government actions to quell the number of infections and deaths are likely to happen over the next few months. Leaders and scientists are pleading with the country to wear masks, avoid groups outside the household, and to be vigilant about caring for self and others.

What we know is that while these pleas will be heeded by many, there is a significant group that won’t. So you must adhere to that old tried and true mantra; hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

That means YOU must become proactive and become the disruptor.

Here are three ideas on how to step into that process today to protect your employees, revenue, and personal lifestyle:

First: Gather your leadership group and/or key advisors . Develop a written strategy that anticipates a worst case scenario over the next 90 days. What would be the worst thing that could happen to your business? How bad would it be? What can you implement today to mitigate the impact and be able to more quickly recover?

Second: Innovate. What can you create in the next 30 days that would provide great value to your clients and customers? Where do they need help and how can you provide something new and unique?

Third: Grow your leadership and communication skills. You might already feel like you’re successful in these areas, however we can all grow in our ability to influence, inspire, and lead. By doing this, you will become a disruptor in a positive sense of being that beacon in a potential storm.

Bottom line: I’m not an alarmist, but a realist. Pay attention to the news, but don’t become despondent. Rather, be the company and leader that’s needed for your business and loved ones. And don’t allow yourself to be swamped by the storm, but rather be the storm.

Be unleashed.

Quote of the Day:

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”

~ Andy Warhol

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