Last week’s Shrimp Tank Podcast guest was Carly Tizzano. Carly founded a business that I believe most of us need – she helps people de-clutter and organize their homes and offices. She and her business, Masterpeace Organizing, are featured in the podcast, which you can watch or listen to HERE.
With Saturday being a perpetual rainy day, I felt inspired by Carly’s lessons on getting organized. We had spent time discussing clothing, and since I had recently picked up a bunch of new dress shirts that work well on Zoom calls, I determined that THIS was an opportune time to finally get my wardrobe organized.
My enormous wardrobe was purchased from IKEA easily 15 years ago. I considered it to be all I would ever need to organize and store all my clothes. Lately, I was bemoaning the thought that I needed more room and that the wardrobe was no longer adequate. 
I got critical and tough in my thinking and started stacking clothes to give away on the guest room bed. These were all clothes I either no longer wore because they were dated, worn, or (and this is the bad one) they no longer fit! I’m about 15 pounds lighter than I was five years ago and I still carried many shirts, pants, and blazers that were oversized and no longer an option. To add to the craziness, I have three suits that were “inherited” from my father. They also don’t fit, but in my mind I thought, “They are still in great shape (as he rarely wore suits), and I can get them tailored.” Dad passed over 11 years ago. I literally forgot they were there, hidden in plain sight.
Carly’s excellent advise cleared out so much space, I was actually able to move things in from another dresser and still have room left over! And as she promised, I felt liberated!
Makes me wonder – How much extra “stuff” are we carrying around in our business? Has this pandemic crisis forced us to take a harder look at a few areas that have become hidden over the years? Are we still storing “things” we’ve either outgrown, or no longer fit?”
Here are some areas in your wardrobe you can take a more critical look at to decide if you can purge to create capacity:
  1. Operations. What activities or behaviors are you still holding on to, that if discarded or changed, would improve your business?
  2. Sales: Are you still using sales practices, processes, and proposals that are worn and outdated?
  3. Innovation: Like my wardrobe has a capacity, so do you. What products and services no longer fit that you can purge, to allow room for new and exciting creations? Carly talks about having a certain number of hangars in your closet; when you get a new shirt that needs a hangar, one must go. Think about your business. I guarantee you can find one outdated product that doesn’t need to take up room, so you can add something fresher and more exciting. 
  4. Technology. With virtual work now a requirement in some cases, technology becomes a major focus when it comes to change. It also illuminates areas that could now seemingly be either redundant or outmoded.
I cleaned out my wardrobe and now have a new energy about that space. I know it will improve my own efficiency getting ready in the mornings. Are you ready to take that critical look at your business and do the same? It’s the right time to do it because we are still in for a lot of volatility over the next 9-12 months. The more nimble you are, the better. The better you are; the more resilient you are; and the more resilient you are, the higher the likelihood you will not only survive, but thrive no matter what happens in the world.
Go clean out your closet…you will be glad you did! 
Be unleashed and be well.
Quote of the Day:
“We aim above the mark to hit the mark.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
I can help you with strategic planning and implementation. I’ve got plans and programs that offer monthly and deferred payments during this time. I can help you make decisions to increase your ability to generate revenue and enhance protection for your business and loved ones. Call me at (360) 271-1592 or email me. Let’s just talk. No obligation. This is my area of expertise. I am ready to help…
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