Dan Weedin Unleashed-40There I was yesterday morning in my favorite chair. Sitting on the edge, leaning forward, elbows digging into just above the kneecaps. It was about 9:30 in the morning and I was glued to ESPN waiting to hear what college football teams made the final four and the national playoffs. My team (and alma mater), the University of Washington, appeared to be perched precariously in that final spot. Although logic told me they would be in, humans don’t always make logical decisions. When the final spot was revealed and the Huskies were announced as the final team, both my daughter Kelli and I erupted with a cheer.

During the broadcast, ESPN sent crews to the three campuses of the schools that were still in contention for that final spot. The thing that occurred to me after the announcement (becasue I was very focused on the outcome before) was that all these teams “paths” were in someone else’s hands. They all had strong resumes to fight their cases. They all knew no matter what, they’d be playing in a major bowl game. But only one would have a puncher’s shot at the national championship that year. So it is in college football.

Unlike college football, you control your own path. You don’t control your own “fate,” becasue by definition fate is per-determined. I prefer the term path. While others might have influence, throw up roadblocks, or offer guidance; you ultimately determine your path based on your decisions, your boldness, and your self-confidence. Bad things happen outside of your control (e.g. the financial apocalypse of 2007-09). People offer both encouragement and discouragement. Your best efforts will fall short. However, those that are the most successful in their businesses, careers, and lives have a remarkable resolve to keep seeking opportunities. Instead of hanging their heads, they find solutions. Ironically, that’s what all the best college football programs do to.

So as you sit back to enjoy the upcoming holiday season, start thinking about what you can do today to forge your own path. How can you be just a little better today? There’s no committee determining your path. The only one…is you.

Quote of the Week:

“God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.”

~ Voltaire

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