Conquering Mogulsmoguls

I was watching the Sochi Winter Olympic games on TV Saturday night. I always love the skiing events because of the speed, artistry, and risk. I was especially drawn to the Women’s Moguls. The run is crazy. They are bounced around like a pachinko ball and must have incredible balance to stay upright.  The analyst on the broadcast said something very interesting when he was asked to describe to viewers what these athletes must do. He said that the best athletes “dictate their own line; they don’t allow the moguls to push them around.”

What’s good advise for conquering moguls is good advice for us to conquer our careers. Our moguls aren’t as evident as the athletes. Our moguls can be internal (lack of confidence, skill development, destructive self-talk) or external (negative people, poor economy, bad luck). Too many of you get bounced around like pachinko balls and crash on the slope. The very best of you however will dictate your own line and not allow the moguls to push you around.

Look…moguls will never stop popping up in business or in life. If you allow these to dictate your line, it’s going to result in you sliding down your backside to the bottom of the hill. If you don’t allow anyone or anything to push you around and set your own line, you will be a champion.

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This week’s quote –

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

~ Mark Twain

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Captain Jack

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