14_02_DanCapJackRetouch_001This week’s focus point…Cigars, Donuts, and Forgiveness

I enjoy a cigar and donut every month. Not together, of course; yet this weekend both were enjoyed. I’ve been assured by my doctor that a monthly indulgence of both isn’t going to be detrimental to my health. In fact, they may have a very positive effect to the spirit.

I exercise about 3-4 mornings a week. I used to be avid about it. I’d go 6 days a week and spend hours in the gym. Now I’m pretty happy if I get 45 minutes in. If I miss a day, that’s okay. I will get the next one.

It seems that we live in an ever increasing world of “all or nothing.” I hear from people on diets that require strict regimens with little to no tolerance for flexibility. I know of folks that consider it a personal tragedy if they don’t get in 6 days of exercise every week, to the point of giving up other things. And in so many cases, we humans are more hard and unforgiving of ourselves than we are of friends and family that make mistakes. Heck, I even hear from football fans bemoaning a team’s win because the style points weren’t good enough!

Life is short. Enjoy the ride. We only come around this way once. Every day and it’s experiences are new, so cherish them. Everything in moderation. If you mess up, learn and have a short memory. Don’t try to make up for things undone, just do them next time. Apologize when you make a mistake, forgive others, and forgive yourself. And eat a donut every once in awhile just for good measure without regret.

The filling of the donut and of your life are worth it.

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This week’s quote –

I never smoke in excess. That is I only smoke one cigar at a time.”

~ Mark Twain

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