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While you all have read the exploits of my dog Captain Jack, you may not be as familiar with our other Jack Russell mix, Bella. In today’s missive, you will get an opportunity to learn more about her and – importantly – gain a lesson for your business and career.

Both Captain Jack and Bella are confined in the living room whenever Barb and I leave. We use simple gates that for about the past 10 years have worked perfectly. Until last week. It seems Bella has found a way to escape her confines and become unleashed (or at least un-gated!). After a few efforts to curtail this, I left the house and spied on them with the doggy-cam we have. I watched her in action create a method of escape. The quest for us continues to make sure Houdini and her partner in crime stay safely restricted in their area!

Last week I discussed defining your end zone. The concept of business continuity and succession planning needs to go “beyond the end zone.” While you may have plans to one day sell your business or “retire,” you should actually have many more years of life left to live and enjoy. What’s your plan beyond the end zone?

Bella is about 14 years old, which is the age most dogs begin slowing down. To the contrary, she’s used her advanced wisdom and cunning to seek out new adventures and opportunity. She’s found a way to innovate and create regardless of her age.

You will have the same opportunity one day. No matter how far away it may seem, part of your succession planning should include the next big thing. What gates do you want to sneak through – or knock down? How will you finance it? What skills will you need? These opportunities beyond the end zone (and the gate) may be for profit or charitable. They may involve family, friends, or community. Ultimately, they must generate an excitement and passion so that you know something else awaits you in the future.

Barb and I have already started thinking about our plans beyond the end zone. Bella’s escapades have reminded me that you’re never too old to find new adventures, AND you need to plan for them in advance in order to be prepared to find those cracks in the gate.

Your assignment for the week is to start dreaming about what your next big thing will be. And then, build it in to your plan. Have fun!

Be Unleashed!

Quote of the Day:

“Nobody ever forgets who buried the hatchet.”
~ Kin Hubbard, 20th century American journalist

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